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Shenzhen kaibo Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. originated in 2003 and belongs to Hongbright Group (Stock Code: 838510). Since its inception, Shenzhen Kaibo Photoelectric Co., Ltd. has been devoting itself to the research, manufacture and sale of LED lighting fixt


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It is reported that Samsung plans to launch solid-state batteries before 2027; Starting from a pre-sale of 224900 yuan, the Geely Krypton 007 model will be launched in late December


1. Tata plans to build a new iPhone factory to accelerate Apple's expansion in India Tata Group plans to build one of India's largest iPhone assembly plants to accelerate Apple's manufact...

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China Electronics and China FAW sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement


On November 29th, China Electronics and China FAW signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shenzhen. According to the agreement, both parties will focus on increasing the ...

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